3107, 2016
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Published: Israel, The Holy Land

July 31st, 2016|Asia, Eilat, Europe, Israel, Jerusalem, Middle East, Negev Desert|

My Travel article as published in ARE Magazine, Summer Edition 2016 – Israel, The Holy Land.

2807, 2016
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Q Sushi in Downtown LA

July 28th, 2016|Asia, Los Angeles|

Japan has long been known to have some of the finest dining experiences and quality food in the world. It seems that in many things they do, surpasses that of many other countries including their technological […]

2007, 2016
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Cooking at Petra Kitchen

July 20th, 2016|Jordan|

One of the most fascinating things about traveling is tasting culinary traditions from different cultures and places. What we think of Middle-Eastern food in the West is a generalization of a wide range of countries […]

707, 2016

6 Books for Your Jordan Journey

July 7th, 2016|Jordan|

If you are about to embark on your journey to Jordan, have always dreamt of traveling to Jordan, or have come back from the beautiful experience, I have compiled 6 books that provide some insight and […]

1606, 2016
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Best of Taste Taiwan

June 16th, 2016|Taiwan|

Taiwan, located in the “Heart of Asia,” is renowned for its award-winning cuisine, historical attractions, and stunning natural scenery, making it the perfect destination for both the week vacationer, for those taking a gap year […]

1506, 2016
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Celebrating Koningsdag

June 15th, 2016|Holland|

Holland celebrated their King’s birthday (Willem-Alexander) for the 3rd year in a row. This fun event is known as “Koningsdag” or “King’s Day” and is held on April 27, a national holiday in the Kingdom of the […]

2705, 2016
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Travel Product Review: Epic Wipes

May 27th, 2016|Dharma Bum|

Feeling dirty after an epic adventure or long day on the road? Whether your wanderlust takes you camping in the Sahara desert of Morocco, surfing in Bali, or staying at a low-budget guesthouse in the middle of […]

1805, 2016
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Is it Safe to Travel to Morocco?

May 18th, 2016|Morocco|

Morocco is an exotic destination located in northwest Africa that is on the bucket list for many people. The textile, the colors, the diverse landscape between the beaches, mountains, city life, and the countryside with […]

2104, 2016
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World of Children Award

April 21st, 2016|Los Angeles|

World of Children Award improves the lives of vulnerable children by funding and elevating the most effective change-makers for children worldwide. 

On April 12, the World of Children Award, an organization dedicated to setting the […]

1904, 2016
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Camping in Wadi Rum

April 19th, 2016|Jordan, Middle East|

A trip to Jordan would not be complete without spending some time in Wadi Rum, وادي رم‎ also known as The Valley of the Moon, one of the world’s most magical Desert Landscapes that is a […]