San Sebastian

///San Sebastian
1211, 2012
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Pintxos, Basque Country’s Culinary Novelty

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San Sebastian, located in the northern tip of Spain ‘Basque Country’, considered “Culinary Capital” is known to have more Michellin-stars per capita than anywhere else in the world. Dozens of intersected streets and alleys are filled with Pintxo bars. One can easily go from spending 15 euro’s a meal to well over 200 euro’s per meal. […]

1209, 2012
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San Sebastian, Spain

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 San Sebastian is one of those coastal towns you may have heard of in passing. But unless you’ve stepped foot on this beautiful town, you won’t realize that such a dream spot can be reality. San Sebastian reminds me of falling in Love, or Lust for that matter. It’s the type of paradise you can […]