2010, 2016
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Airboating through the Everglades

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When many of us think of Florida, we think of Miami and all the beautiful beaches along both sides of the coast. Recently, I took a trip with my boyfriend to Marco Island on the west coast, 30 miles south of Naples, and 60 miles west of Fort Myers. While the beaches there were surreal […]

2610, 2015
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Are you Human Kinda?

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Tonight, I’d like to share with you my fellow Earthlings, “Human Kinda”, an introspective look at our busy lives in the 21st century, a 15-minute short-film presented by Jetblue.

I feel this anxiousness every waking moment of my days. Even during my sleep my mind is stressing over to-do lists. I never seen to have enough “time” for my […]