1804, 2017
  • Samana Dominican Republic

A Little Piece of Caribbean Paradise

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My Travel article on Samaná, Dominican Republic as published in ARE Magazine, Spring Edition 2017, read it here.

804, 2017
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Beach Getaway to Catalina Island

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As the daylight savings switches our clock back an hour, delaying our Sunset to a timely 8pm and the California warmth approaches to the perfect 78 degrees, it’s also time for the beach! While Californians can virtually go to the beach 350 days out of the year (when it doesn’t rain), we have been so […]

609, 2016
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Chasing Waterfalls in Samaná

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There is a famous song in the 90’s by TLC which advised not to chase waterfalls, but to stick with the rivers and lakes that we are use to. But what if you could have it all? I believe that we should chase waterfalls, metaphorically and physically. If we don’t chase after waterfalls to […]

1701, 2016
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Published: Island of the Gods

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My Travel article as published in ARE Magazine, Winter Edition – Bali.

1308, 2015
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Island Touring in Loreto, Mexico

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Loreto, located on the Sea of Cortez, is one of famous oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau’s, favorite places in the world where he named “The Aquarium of the World” and spent 5 months out of the year. Yet, it is still a hidden gem to most citizens of the world, even to us, their friendly next door […]

1902, 2015
  • Baio de Sancho

Top 7 Sand Beaches in the World

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Top 7 Sand Beaches in the World

A beautiful sandy beach with the soothing sound of waves breaking on the shore is at the top of the list of many people’s requirements when planning their summer holiday. This list brings together some of the most idyllic spots in the world for feeling soft and warm sand […]

509, 2013
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Travel Show: Hawaii Noodle Town

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AREAA’s Noodle Town | Episode 4: Waikiki

Jim Park and Jacki Ueng explore Waikiki, Hawaii to learn about the Food, Culture and Neighborhood. Visits in this episode include Ramen Nakamura, specialized Martini’s at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion, and Food Trucks at Honolulu Night Market.

1209, 2012
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San Sebastian, Spain

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 San Sebastian is one of those coastal towns you may have heard of in passing. But unless you’ve stepped foot on this beautiful town, you won’t realize that such a dream spot can be reality. San Sebastian reminds me of falling in Love, or Lust for that matter. It’s the type of paradise you can […]

2607, 2012
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August Jetsetting to Honduras & Spain

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It’s that time of year, my travel bug has activated beyond control in which no bug spray can diminish (c’mon, laugh! ha – ha). And so therefore, I must not fight against the wind and go with my heart, pack my rucksack and jet set. Or my preferable term, Gyp-set! Yay-ya!! I’ve gone on various […]

206, 2010

Falling in Love with chaotic Mykonos.

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We awoke at 9am this morning, and put on our ipod to hear the songs stuck in our head. Jason Derulo “In my head” and Ludcaris “Break your heart”. After the music woke us up, we got ready slowly and wandered down to Nicolas Restaurant again for brunch. I ordered the Octopus salad and Marissa […]