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2003, 2016
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Fambul Tok

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“The Family Tree bends, but it does not break.”
-Sierra Leone Proverb
Sierra Leone suffered a devastating 11 year Civil War in 1991-2002. Between 50,000-300,000 people have been killed, many people became handicap, 2.5 million people displaced from their homes, and not to mention the emotional scars left on the people for life. And all this corruption & […]

910, 2014
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10 Things I Learned from Nicholas Kristof

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I had the privilege and honor to see Nicholas Kristof, NY Times Journalist, #1 Bestseller of “Half The Sky” book & Documentary, yesterday at All Saints Church in Beverly Hills. He was there to introduce his new book, “A Path Appears”. LiveTalksLA put the event on which I learned puts on a lot of other great […]

2712, 2012


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As i’m lounging by one of the most beautiful pools i’ve seen in the world, with an island bar in the middle you could swim to, here at the Renaissance hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I can hear the 3rd call to prayer from the local Mosque. This reminds me of my travels to Istanbul […]

210, 2012
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Be the Change You Want to See

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Today marks the 143rd anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, which is commemorated in India as Gandhi Jayanti, a national holiday, and celebrated world-wide as the International Day of Non-Violence.

Let’s celebrate with this catchy beat, MC Yogi’s loving tribute to Gandhi, a gorgeous video that was four years in the making, called “Be The Change (The Story of Mahatma Gandhi) “. […]

1807, 2012
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Happy 94th Birthday Nelson Mandela!

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Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in jail for leading an armed anti-apartheid campaign and became president in 1994 until 1999 in South Africa. He was the first to be elected into a fully represented Democratic Election. Mandela is considered one of our most respected modern day role models among with Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Martin […]

1003, 2012
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My Response to the KONY 2012 critics

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With every cause trying to do good in this world, are critics who are going to challenge and oppose it. After 50 million views of the Kony 2012 video in the past 4 days, are just as many cynics such as the most popular “Visible Children”.

The Complaints:
1)  Only 1/3 of the funds from Invisible Children […]

803, 2012
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KONY 2012

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Make Kony Famous. Where you live shouldn’t determine whether or not you live. In this case, thousands of innocent lives are dying in Uganda. Kony is the #1 most wanted criminal in the World. For over 20 years, he’s abducted children from their homes to make them his own soldiers for no reason but power, […]

2902, 2012
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Thinking of you Burma rant

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Burma (Myanmar) remains on my Top 3 favorite places I’ve traveled to (among the top 3 is India & Israel). It’s not the type of favoring I typically have for a party central Greece or a culinary heaven France. It is more of a Love & Compassion I have for a tragic nation who’s people deserve […]

902, 2012
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Live Fast, die Young..

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Bad Girls do it Well.











I’m rocking out to M.I.A’s latest hit “Bad Girls”. Catchy beat & a visually exotic music video filmed in Morocco, the #1 country currently on my To-Travel list. Her latest controversy was her middle-finger at the Superbowl half-time performance with Madonna which I didn’t think twice about. Who Cares. Move on!

She’s an […]

602, 2012
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India: “Daughters of the Brothel” Documentary

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We often forget how lucky we are. Statistically they say, we’re better off than 99% of the world, those that live in the US that is. I try to remind myself that when I’m down and out, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. We often watch World news, Documentaries, starving children in Charity ads, and […]